Our mission is to expand your margin.

We will achieve this goal while improving customer experience, in full intellectual integrity, respect and engagement of your teams.

We will execute with you through a strong methodology and proven experience in growth and cost management, on the front and back-end operations, coupled with expertise in change management, cultural and digital transformation experiences in different situations. 

Why Tesuji ?

Definition and link with our Mission

Tesuji is Japanese term used in the games of Go.  A tesuji (手筋) is a clever play, the best play in a local position, a skillful move. 

Tesuji is one of the important aspects of the game in which a player exerts his or her ability to "read ahead".

Image on the right: Game 2 between Lee Sedo and AlphaGo. Marked stone is the famous 'move 37', qualified as creative and unique

We intend to work with you towards the same intent: deliver differentiated solutions, with anticipation to make you and your customers win.