We help Clients Outperform in 3 areas


From a Classic Sales process to a Life Time Value Growth well-oiled Operation

  • Re-invent yourselves. Our proven models maximize customer Lifetime Value (LTV,) measured in margin.
  • The new paradigm requires sense of urgency to change business model (from capital equipment to pay per outcome for instance).
  • Practically: SPIN, value selling methodologies will be applied concretely.
  • LTV changes require deep cultural evolution -  Including technology: digitization, IoT, AI - on top of market access and ecosystem transformation.


From Customer Experience to Margin Expansion

  • Map the customer experience in context: taking into account your strategy, priorities, ecosystem and value chain.
  • Digital and 'real world' pathways, As Is and To Be are crucial.
  • Identify areas to increase profitability  while sustaining/improving customer experience: both on the creativity/innovation side or on the effectiveness/efficiency side.
  • Execute the systemic changes with you. We will monitor the progress with you customers and yourself (example Net Promoter Score, Customer effort metrics) & compare your performance vs. your competitors'.


From Managing Individuals to Leading and Growing Managers

  • Your business grows fast. You must grow too and your managers as well. Your habits, image and posture should evolve as well.
  • We help you either individually (privately) and/or with your team to identify the organization leadership growth challenges. For instance strategic planning process / methodologies. 
  • We will help people balance long term strategic goals vs. short term execution.
  • In order to be successful, the exercise requires the CEO and her/his team to get out of their comfort zone and accept to be challenged (evolve from individual players to leaders).